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Zakład Archeologii Nowego Świata

Dr Victor Castillo

Dr Victor Castillo

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Telefon: +48 12 663 15 95

Instytut Archeologii UJ
Zakład Archeologii Nowego Świata
ul. Gołębia 11
31-007 Kraków

Basic Information

Victor Castillo is an archaeologist interested in the study of ritual, religious change, and colonialism. He holds a doctorate in anthropology from the University of Arizona (2020) with a dissertation on historical archaeology titled Conquest and Religious Change at Chiantla Viejo, Guatemala: The Transition of a Highland Maya Community to Spanish Colonial Rule.  Dr. Castillo also has experience in the archaeology of early Maya civilization. His master’s thesis at the University of Arizona (2013) Interregional Patterns and Local Developments of Early Elite Platforms at Ceibal, Guatemala, explored the role of early ceremonial platforms in the emergence of Maya society. He has conducted historical research on the colonial Maya of western Guatemala, exploring the role of modern pilgrimage centers and archaeological sites in the formation of ethnic identities and local representations of the past.

Research Interests

  • Religion and ritual
  • Public performance
  • Colonialism
  • Historical archaeology
  • Mesoamerica and the Maya

Field Experience

  • Chiantla Viejo Archaeological Project, Guatemala. Director (2017-2018).
  • Región de Chaculá Archaeological Project, Guatemala. Director (2013).
  • Ceibal-Petexbatun Archaeological Project. Co Director (2012-2013).

Selected Publications

  • Triadan, Daniela, Victor Castillo, Takeshi Inomata, Juan Manuel Palomo, María Belén Mendez, Mónica Cortave, Jessica MacLellan, Melissa Burham, and Erick Ponciano. 2017. “Social Transformations in a Middle Preclassic Community: Elite Complexes at Ceibal.” Ancient Mesoamerica 28:233-264.
  • Castillo, Victor. 2015. La Virgen de Chiantla: Historia y Tradición Oral en la Sierra de los Cuchumatanes, Guatemala. In Arte y Arquitectura en la Antigua Provincia de Chiapas y Guatemala, edited by Eugenio Martín Torres Torres OP, pp. 315–338. Instituto Dominicano de Investigaciones Históricas, Santiago de Querétaro.
  • Castillo, Victor and Ulrich Wölfel. 2014. Note from the Field: “Primera Temporada del Proyecto Arqueológico de la Región de Chaculá (PARCHA).”   Mexicon 36(5):105-107.
  • Inomata, Takeshi, Daniela Triadan, Kazuo Aoyama, Victor Castillo, and Hitoshi Yonenobu. 2013. “Early Ceremonial Constructions at Ceibal, Guatemala, and the Origins of Lowland Maya Civilization.” Science 340(467):467-471.

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