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Zakład Archeologii Epoki Żelaza

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Chair of Iron Age Archaeology

The Department of Iron Age Archaeology of the JU Institute of Archaeology specializes in research into various aspects of the late Pre-Roman era, the period of Roman influence, and the Migration Period in European Barbaricum.

The main fields of research conducted by the Department staff include:

  • Przeworsk culture settlements, economy, chronology, and regional diversity. This area of research also includes late Celtic settlements in Małopolska region and the issues related to Jastorf culture peoples in the Polish lands
  • Cultural situation in the Polish Carpathians during the late Pre-Roman period, the Roman period and the Mirgation Period.
  • Intercultural contacts in the Iron Age European Barbaricum, with special focus on the contacts between European barbarian peoples and the Roman Empire
  • The Department participated in the preparation of Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World published in the USA by Princeton University Press
  • Burial rituals of Przeworsk culture in the Roman period and the early Migration Period
  • Wielbark culture with special focus on its chronology and the changes in burial rituals
  • Analysis of various categories of archaeological sources, in order to determine the chronology and cultural diversity of Barbaricum.

The JU Department of Iron Age Archaeology is engaged in intense collaboration with all major archaeological centres in Poland and Europe, especially in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Denmark. The Department has access to the state of the art equipment of the Relic Conservation and Archeometalury Laboratory.

Struktura organizacyjna
Pracownik naukowy Dr hab. Judyta Rodzińska-Nowak
Asystentka Dr Marzena Przybyła
Asystentka Dr Joanna Zagórska-Telega
Asystent Dr Michał Kasiński
Asystent Dr Agata Chilińska-Früboes
Contact Information

Address: Gołębia 11, 31-007 Kraków

Phone: 12 663 12 76, 12 663 18 69 (Pracownia Archeometalurgii i Konserwacji Zabytków)