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Chair of Medieval and Post-medieval Archaeology

The Department carries out research on early and late medieval archaeology as well as early modern archaeology in Central and East Europe. The academic staff members specialize in the following subjects:

  • ethnogenesis of Slavs and beginnings of early Slavonic culture
  • changes in settlement processes in early and late Middle Ages in Małopolska region and the neighbouring areas
  • tribal and early state fortified settlements in Małopolska region
  • formation of border areas in Slavonic world
  • traces of foreign influence in early medieval Slavonic lands
  • issues and problems related to the chronology of 6th – 13th century relics
  • cultural spheres within the early medieval West Slavonic area
  • origins and development of towns and cities based on German town law in Slavonic lands
  • issues related to the development of the medieval and early modern urban city complex: Kraków-Kaziemierz-Kleparz
  • development of the medieval University in Kraków
  • development of crafts in medieval and early modern Kraków
  • medieval and early modern castles in West Małopolska

Struktura organizacyjna
Pracownik naukowy Dr Przemysław Nocuń
Pracownik naukowy Dr Dariusz Niemiec
Asystent Dr Michał Wojenka
Asystentka Mgr Agata Sztyber
Contact Information

Address: Gołębia 11, 31-007 Kraków

Phone: 12 663 12 75