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Zakład Archeologii Epoki Kamienia

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Chair of Stone Age Archaeology

Basic information

The research carried out by the Department covers the most important aspects of the Stone Age, from the middle Paleolithic to the late Eneolithic in Europe, North-East Africa, and the Middle East.

Research projects in the Department of Stone Age Archaeology:

  • Cultural diversity in the middle and late Paleolithic;
  • Adaptation systems and hunting strategies of late Paleolithic mammoth and reindeer hunters;
  • Taxonomy of middle Paleolithic complexes from the Ojców upland;
  • Late Pleistocene and early Holocene groups in the West Carpathians;
  • Neolithization processes of the north-eastern part of the Carpathian Basin;
  • Stages and zones of Neolithic settlement processes in the West Carpathians;
  • Second stage of neolithization in the area of Poland and neighbouring countries;
  • Middle and late Neolythic period in West Małopolska

International collaboration

Essentially, all the former and current  research projects of our Department have been carried out in collaboration with foreign research and academic institutions.Excavation project in cave number 1 in Klisoura gorge on Peloponnese conducted in collaboration with Ephorate of Palaeoanthropology and Speleology of Southern Greece, research on Mesolithic and Neolithic eras on Aegean islands carried out in collaboration with the University of the Aegean, Rhodes,  studies on the beginnings of Neolithic in north-east part of Carpathian Basin, together with the University of Prešov and the Institute of Archaeology at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, studies of Neolithic settlements in West Beskidian Foothills within the framework of the partnership programme between the JU Institute of Archaeology and the Institute of Prehistory at Ruhr-University Bochum.

List of the recent major publications by the staff of the Chair of Stone Age Archaeology

  • Kozłowski J.K., Nowak M., Vizdal M. (eds). 2015. Early Farmers of the Eastern Slovak Lowland: The Settlement of the Eastern Linear Pottery Culture at Moravany, Prace Komisji Prehistorii Karpat PAU 7, Polska Akademia Umiejętności, Kraków.
  • Valde-Nowak P., Alex B., Ginter B., Krajcarz M. T., Madeyska T., Miękina B., Sobczyk K., Stefański P., Wojtal P., Zając M., Zarzecka-Szubińska K. 2016. Late Middle Palaeolithic occupations in Ciemna Cave, southern Poland, Journal of Field Archaeology 41 (2): 193-210.
  • Alex B., Valde-Nowak P., Regev L., Boaretto E. 2017. Late Middle Paleolithic of Southern Poland: Radiocarbon dates from Ciemna and Obłazowa Caves, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 11: 370-380.
  • Korczyńska M., Cappenberg K., Nowak M., Szwarczewski P., Moskal-del Hoyo M. 2019. Multi-methodological approaches to investigate large archaeological sites: The case study of the Eneolithic settlement in Mozgawa, western Lesser Poland, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 27: 1019414.
  • Kozłowski S. K., Nowak M. 2019. I przyszli ludzie zza Gór Wysokich. Ziemie polskie od VI do IV tysiąclecia BC [Eng. summary: And There Come the People From Beyond The Great Mountains. The Polish Lands From The 6th To 4th Millennium BC], Instytut Archeologii Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, Ośrodek Badań nad Antykiem Europy Południowo-Wschodniej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego: Rzeszów-Warszawa.
  • Łanczont M., Madeyska T., Hołub B., Komar M., Mroczek P., Standzikowski K., Valde-Nowak P., Kraszewska A., Cieśla M., Skłucki J. 2019. Late Glacial environment and human settlement of the Central Western Carpathians: A case study of the Nowa Biała 1 open-air site (Podhale Region, southern Poland), Quaternary International 512: 113-132.
  • Nowak M. 2019. The first vs. second stage of neolithisation in Polish territories (to say nothing of the third?), Documenta Praehistorica 46: 102-127.
  • Willman J. C., Ginter B., Hernando R., Lozano M., Sobczyk K., Stefański D., Szczepanek A., Wertz K., Wojtal W., Zając M., Zarzecka-Szubińska K., Valde-Nowak P. 2019. Paleobiology and Taphonomy of a Middle Paleolithic Neandertal Tooth from Ciemna Cave, Southern Poland, Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology 2: 359-377.
  • Valde-Nowak P., Cieśla M. 2020. Models of raw material exploitation as an indicator of Middle Paleolithic Mobility : case studies from uplands of Northern Central Europe, (in:) J. Cascalheira, A. Picin (eds), Short-term occupations in Paleolithic archaeology: interdisciplinary contributions to archaeology, Springer Nature Switzerland: 105-120.
  • Valde-Nowak P., Łanczont M. 2021. State-of-the-art overview of the Loess Palaeolithic of Poland, Journal of Quaternary Science: 1-12.

Struktura organizacyjna
Pracownik naukowy, Archeolog Dr hab. Marek Nowak, prof. UJ
Asystentka Dr Magda Cieśla
Archeolog Mgr Anna Kraszewska
Asystent Mgr Jakub Skłucki
Asystent Mgr Jakub Skłucki
Contact Information

Address: Gołębia 11, 31-007 Kraków

Phone: 12 663 12 85

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